Sensational World Soccer

Sensational World Soccer 1.0.2

Old school 2D soccer action


  • Really simple controls
  • Quick games


  • Single player difficulty is pretty high


Sensational World Soccer takes the beautiful game back to early 2D-style gameplay, with quick games and simple controls.

Heavily influenced by the classic Sensible Soccer of the 90s, Sensational World Soccer requires only directional controls and one action button. This serves for passing, shooting and tackling, depending where your player is on the pitch.

The player you control is chosen by the computer - when you're not on the ball, you get the nearest player to it. Sensational World Soccer can take a bit of getting used to, as if you keep your fingers on the controls and the player changes, you can find your new player running in the wrong direction! Passing and shooting power depends on how long you hold the action button.

Sensational World Soccer's simplicity couldn't be further away from modern games like FIFA, but it's still a fun game. As well as choosing your tea, you can alter formation to suit your playing style. Match length can be three, five or seven minutes, and the game speed has three levels. Two players can play comfortably on the same keyboard.

Sensational World Soccer is a fun two player game, and a pretty tough single player retro challenge.

Sensational World Soccer


Sensational World Soccer 1.0.2

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